About Me

My name is Julie and I live in a house in the middle of a cow pasture where it's cool to be a homebody. The cows are usually content in the pasture and so am I. I live here with Sweetie, my husband, and my two daughters, Sugar and Plum. No, are you crazy? These are not their real names; this is the Internet.  I also live with two dogs, two cats, a bunch of mice in the walls (they come included with the pasture), a ceiling full of wolf spiders, a flock of hens (and a rooster named Nathan) and two honeybee hives. The chickens and the bees don't live under the same roof as the rest of us. The pasture is surrounded by woods and so we share the land with a lot of wildlife too. 

My Nana used to tell me that my girls were so lucky to be growing up here in the pasture and learning about things that so many kids don't learn anymore ... gardening, cooking, canning, making medicine from plants. Nana wasn't one for needlessly bolstering people up, so when she said this to me with a rare look of intense sincerity, I listened. Welcome to my blog where I write about the things that Nana appreciated. 

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