Shelter in Place

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I have been waiting for this snow. We've had ice and rain and sleet and a few snowfalls that covered the ground, but not a proper trudge-through-the-snow snowfall. The winters seem to be like this now, no big snowstorms until half-way through the winter and when they do come, the forecasters tell the story of our coming doom with such catastrophic exaggeration that the result is always a letdown. Today’s storm is no different. It was forecasted to be “historic” in proportions, yet it in fact it is quite average. But I’m okay with average. Average is what winter is all about – a long stretch of days where the colors have been watered down and averaged out into gray. There is a sincerity about average. This storm is sincere like Linus’s pumpkin patch is sincere. So here I am, sheltering in place, a place that happens to be a long stretch of cold and gray, sheltering in the depths of winter just like the seeds do, all the while sipping tea and looking through my seed catalogs, planning a garden of catastrophic proportions and remembering my sincere garden patch of last summer.

My favorite Fedco Seeds and Trees catalogs from Maine.

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